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Real Estate Litigation

San Mateo Real Estate Trial Lawyers

Transactions • Broker/Agent Fraud • Partition • Boundaries • Leases

As population and property values have grown in California’s Bay Area and Peninsula, so has the number of lawsuits involving real estate sales, leases, development and related issues. Our thorough and aggressive trial lawyers offer clients the benefit of extensive experience in real estate litigation.

If you are involved in a property dispute or breach of contract claim, a real estate attorney from our office will evaluate your situation and suggest an efficient strategy for early and decisive resolution of the matter. Contact our litigation offices in San Mateo today. We serve clientele from San Francisco to San Jose.

Our Real Estate practice in San Mateo includes representation in a wide variety of commercial and residential real estate litigation and dispute resolution, including:

• Purchase and sale transactions
• Partition Actions/Forced Sale
• Broker or Agent disputes
• Boundary disputes
• Residential and commercial leases
• Real estate development
• Joint ventures
• Co-ownership
• Real estate management
• Partition Actions and Forced Sale

An increasing number of properties are under some form of co-ownership, such as tenancy in common or joint tenancy. If parties in a marriage or other co-ownership arrangement do not later agree on the terms of sale, a partition may be sought (forcing the sale of one owner’s share of the property) often resulting in litigation. If you are involved in a partition action, our attorneys offer the trial and transactional experience to present a forceful case on your behalf.

Commercial Real Estate Disputes

Are you are planning to buy a business or negotiate a business lease? Do you have questions about possible fraud, breach of contract or other irregularities involving property transactions? Your concerns should be addressed at an early stage in the process. Our real estate litigation attorneys will be happy to evaluate your contract or proposed contract and recommend practical and effective measures to protect your interests.

Broker/Agent Disputes

If you believe you were the victim of fraud by a real estate broker or agent, our real estate lawyers can capably represent you in a suit for damages or other relief. California requires complete and honest disclosures relating to real estate transactions. We represent buyers in cases where the broker or agent:
• Failed to disclose defects or damage (termites, water intrusion and mold)
• Misrepresented valuations or other data to make the sale.

Property and Boundary Disputes

Because of the value of land and ramifications for its sale or development, disputes between neighbors and claims over property rights can result in complex litigation. Our property lawyers in San Mateo have handled a wide range of boundary disputes:
• Sideyard and backyard disputes over fences, construction, or use
• Survey results that would result in loss of property
• Quiet title actions (hostile possession)
• Agreed boundary lines and prescriptive easements

Our real estate attorneys in San Mateo tackle all types of negotiated settlements to find a peaceful resolution but we will go to court for injunctions, estoppel and other legal relief to protect our clients’ interests in all property disputes.

For legal advice about a dispute, make an appointment with our San Mateo Real Estate lawyers to discuss your situation.