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Real Estate Transactions

San Mateo Real Estate Transactions Attorneys

Advice and Legal Services to Protect Your Investment

The Peninsula and Bay Area of California has seen residential and commercial property values soar in recent years. Our attorneys offer sound advice and experienced representation to those involved in San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco and Alameda county real estate transactions. Our real estate practice includes advice and representation in matters involving:

• Purchase of commercial and residential real estate
• Sale of commercial and residential real estate
• Forced Sale
• Boundary disputes
• Partition
• Residential and commercial leases
• Commercial lease negotiations
• Zoning
• Real estate development
• Joint ventures
• Co-ownership
• Real estate agent and broker issues
• Real estate management

Over 40 years – Growth and Change

Attorney Wayne A. McFadden, the first mayor of Foster City, California has practiced law in the Peninsula community for over 40 years. As the explosive growth in population created upward pressures on land and home values, there was a resultant growth in creative, non-traditional real estate ownership solutions for residents and businesses.

Securing Clients’ Investments Through Experienced Counsel

With changing ownership patterns and forms, however, come unanticipated legal issues. Mr. McFadden and his experienced associates at the Law Offices of Wayne A. McFadden, offer clients the benefit of their experience in real estate litigation as they advise and counsel them on leases, sales, purchases and other real estate transaction issues. Attorneys from our firm practice preventive law – helping clients secure their investments through carefully negotiated and drafted agreements. If you have questions about a property transaction, please contact our San Mateo real estate law office.

Sales • Purchases • Leases

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions Attorneys
Our clients include individuals and entities involved in the acquisition, development, financing and operation of all types of commercial and residential properties.
We will guide you through every aspect of your real estate transaction. Whether you represent a commercial venture in lease negotiations, are planning the sale or purchase of a home, need real estate services related to dissolution or divorce or are involved in a forced sale, our approach will be thorough, aggressive and proactive.

Wayne A. McFadden is a successful real estate lawyer in San Mateo. To speak with one of our capable lawyers about our services, please contact our law offices.