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Child Custody and Visitation

San Mateo Family Law Attorneys Protecting Your Rights in Custody and Parenting Disputes Child Custody Lawyer San Mateo In a divorce, children often become the emotional focal point. Disagreements over parenting time, child support, parental relocations or schooling raise the intensity level and each side digs in. At the Law Offices of Wayne A. McFadden, we stand up for our clients’ interests while seeking fair resolutions in the best interests of the child.

Our San Mateo, California family law attorneys represent divorcing parents, unmarried parents and grandparents from San Francisco to San Jose, in child custody and visitation issues. Through mediation or negotiation, our child visitation lawyer make efforts to engineer solutions that avoid expensive and destructive litigation. Our capable trial lawyers will stand up for you in court as necessary. Contact our Child Support Lawyer in San Mateo to get assistance for the same.

Custody Issues

Courts of California presume joint legal custody (decision-making on behalf of the child), but physical custody can be shared or one parent may be granted primary custody with the other parent allowed visitation. San Mateo County requires early mediation of custody disputes through Child and Family Services. Our child custody lawyer in San Mateo prepare clients to protect their rights stand their ground and represent them in negotiations or court if mediation does not produce an agreement.

Parenting time (time share) often becomes the battleground, as it used in determining the level of child support.The Law Offices of Wayne A. McFadden represents custodial and non-custodial parents in initial custody agreements and modification proceedings. Our child custody attorney in San Mateo work closely with clients to determine which issues are most important and which are “non-negotiable.” We aim to negotiate a parental plan that is fair and reasonable for the adults and children and addresses hot-button issues to avoid legal disputes later.

Paternity Claims

We represent single parents in actions to compel child support and fathers seeking visitation or shared custody of their children. We can arrange DNA testing as necessary to prove paternity.

Grandparent Rights to Visitation

If the parent(s) of your grandchild are refusing to allow you contact with the child (such as after divorce or death), California provides limited grandparent visitation, at the discretion of the judge. You must demonstrate a previous close relationship with the grandchild and that it is in the best interests of the child to maintain a relationship with you.

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