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Domestic Violence

Protecting Clients’ Interests in Abuse Allegations

Skilled Domestic Violence Lawyers in San Mateo County

While domestic assault is a legitimate problem, false accusations can be wielded as an effective weapon in divorce and custody battles. A charge of physical violence or defying a restraining order has serious ramifications for child support, custodial placement and visitation rights of the accused parent.

The experienced Family Law Attorneys of the Law Offices of Wayne A. McFadden help clients aggressively respond to faked or exaggerated complaints of domestic violence. Our Family Lawyers in San Mateo represent clients from San Francisco to San Jose. Contact our domestic violence attorneys today if you believe your spouse or partner is using domestic violence to get the upper hand in legal proceedings.

Divorce and Custody Consequences

Allegations of physical or emotional abuse are promptly investigated and vigorously prosecuted. Police may arrest the accused and/or issue domestic violence orders on the spot and remove the person from their own home. Visitation or contact with children can be cut off for weeks or months (even permanently).

Domestic violence charges become a money-making proposition, as child support goes up when parenting time goes down. Domestic violence in San Mateo County requires little evidence and even when the accused is cleared of criminal charges, a family court judge may still favor the alleged victim in determining custody or support.

Aggressive Action to Protect Your Interests

Our experienced Family Law Attorneys can effectively combat false accusations. We seek to show that the wife is planning for divorce and that the alleged domestic violence or protective order is part of a grand plan to increase child support or custody. Our San Mateo Domestic Violence Lawyers examine police reports and argue there is little or no history of abuse, that our client has an otherwise clean record and that they are actively involved in the children’s life.

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