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Landlord / Tennant / Evictions

Negotiation of Disputes • Eviction Proceedings

San Mateo Attorneys Representing Property Owners or Tenants

The veteran Real Estate Lawyers of the Law Offices of Wayne A. McFadden represent both landlords and tenants in disputes over lease terms or payment of rent and we capably protect the interests of clients in eviction.

Based in San Mateo, California we handle residential and commercial dispute resolution and legal action for clients from San Francisco to San Jose. For skilled and experienced legal representation, we invite you to contact our landlord/tenant law attorneys to discuss your rights and options.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

The Law Offices of Wayne A. McFadden has the ability to handle complex real estate litigation but often disputes between a property owner and the leaseholder can be resolved out of court through mediation or negotiation. We represent either party in disagreements over:

Late payment/back rent

Violations of noise or nuisance lease terms

Parking privileges

Occupancy or unauthorized sub-letting

Maintenance obligations

In past due rent cases, we try to negotiate re-payment over time or partial payment in lieu of evicting the tenant. We also renegotiate residential or commercial lease terms when continued disputes require a more permanent solution.

Representing Property Owners in Eviction

Our landlord/tenant attorneys help commercial or residential landlords initiate eviction proceedings over non-payment of rent, egregious nuisance or substantial damage to property. We enable property owners to lawfully take possession of an apartment, commercial space or other leased property in a most timely manner to facilitate re-letting the space to new tenants.

Clients are advised on how to proceed without violating tenants’ rights under California law, the San Francisco Rent Ordinance or other local ordinances. This includes law enforcement actions to physically remove persons, disposition of tenant property left behind and all other landlord/tenant legal issues relating to eviction.

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